About us

The Roadsters employ various improvisational forms and movement techniques, their findings ranging from grand athleticism to the most meticulous gestures. At first, and for a long while, they try to free themselves from the human tendency to decide what something is, to jump immediately to messages, the narrative, and the obvious conclusions. They remind themselves that their material, and we ourselves, are in a constant state of becoming.

In a Roadsters performance, meaning emerges from—in equal parts—the evocative source material (both personal and historical), the text itself, heightened physicality, and the original musical compositions.

The Roadsters are fiercely theatrical and do not tiptoe around the magic.

The Roadsters allow plenty of time for  their ideas to simmer and cook. Their working methods engender mutual respect and autonomy, which they believe allows their material to become a part of them. At the end of a rehearsal, they find that they are a little closer to uncovering something that wasn’t laid out beforehand, something they did not already know. On this continual journey towards unforeseen horizons, they find themselves changed upon arrival.


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